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Ordering your items with us at Cendol is as easy as taking a bite from the local favourite dish that we took our name from. If you’re still unsure, just follow these steps that will guide you to your first purchase. Like they say, once you start, you can never stop.

Choose Your Product

Choose from a wide selection of gadgets and smartphone for something you like. Make sure you have read and understood the products and its specifications.

Add To Cart

When you are happy with the product you have chosen, click add to cart to add it into your shopping cart. This allows you to continue shopping within the site.


Once you’re done shopping in the site, click back into the cart button and select “checkout”.

Shipping Information

Before you are able to proceed to payment, you need to key in your delivery address as well as contact details. You don’t want someone else receiving your items do you?


Once our algorithm has calculated the shipping costs, the total amount will be presented to you. Choose your preferred payment method and make payment. Don’t worry we have made sure the site is secure.

Summary and Confirmation

A final check on the information provided, the total sum of the bill will be presented. Once you have given it the OK, the order will be processed and all you have to do now is to wait for the arrival of the package. We will provide tracking numbers

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